xsdata powered by pydantic!#

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xsData is a complete data binding library for python allowing developers to access and use XML and JSON documents as simple objects rather than using DOM.

Now powered by pydantic!


$ # Install with cli support
$ pip install xsdata-pydantic[cli]

Generate Models#

$ # Generate models
$ xsdata http://rss.cnn.com/rss/edition.rss --output pydantic
Parsing document edition.rss
Analyzer input: 9 main and 0 inner classes
Analyzer output: 9 main and 0 inner classes
Generating package: init
Generating package: generated.rss
from dataclasses import field
from pydantic.dataclasses import dataclass

class Rss:
    class Meta:
        name = "rss"

    version: Optional[float] = field(
            "type": "Attribute",
    channel: Optional[Channel] = field(
            "type": "Element",


XML Parsing#

>>> from xsdata_pydantic.bindings import XmlParser
>>> from urllib.request import urlopen
>>> from generated.rss import Rss
>>> parser = XmlParser()
>>> with urlopen("http://rss.cnn.com/rss/edition.rss") as rq:
...     result = parser.parse(rq, Rss)
>>> result.channel.item[2].title
"'A total lack of discipline': Clarissa Ward visits abandoned Russian foxholes"

>>> result.channel.item[2].pub_date
'Fri, 08 Apr 2022 22:56:33 GMT'
>>> result.channel.item[2].link

Changelog: xx.x (xxxx-xx-xx)#

  • Initial Release

Why Pydantic?#

Because you asked for! Pydantic offers out of the box validations and offers a dataclasses compatibility layer that we utilize to bring code generation and xml data binding with xsdata!


Pydantic dataclasses don’t behave with nested classes and self referencing types.

Check issue on github. Until this issue is fixed, you can use the xsdata generator –unnest-classes flag, that will move nested classes to the root level.

xsdata SOURCE --unnest-classes --output pydantic

The plugin is using xsdata’s data bindings to parse json/xml, only xsdata’s types are supported!